The Superhome Movement is aiming to revolutionise the way Kiwis look at housing by helping people build warm, dry, healthy, energy-efficient, and environmentally sound homes. Sound expensive? Building a home to these improved standards does cost more than a standard build, but it saves the owners money in the long run through its high performing, energy efficient measures.

ZBUILT are embarking on building a Superhome showhome which will be open for viewing both during construction and once completed.

This project has been designed to be totally transparent, with the following data available to the public:

  • Construction time frames
  • Design issues
  • Budget restraints
  • Energy consumption
  • Air quality
  • Air tightness (Blower door test)
  • Moisture levels

The home is focused on performance which means the energy efficiency aspects have taken priority over ‘fancy’ items, such as tiled showers and granite bench tops. Initial energy efficiency modelling has this 185m2 home using no more than $1440 a year on average for two adults and two teenage children.

We’ll keep you updated as the project progresses.

For more information on the SuperHome Movement, visit the website