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ZBUILT is an architectural building and construction company established in New Zealand in 2004. The company provides direct construction and project management services to clients across New Zealand in the commercial and residential sectors.

Company director Zak Read has worked in the New Zealand construction industry for over 16 years delivering a wide range of commercial and residential projects for various clients. Today, Zak continues to be a hands-on builder at ZBUILT in his role as Construction Supervisor.

ZBUILT is a team of reliable and qualified builders which build quality homes around New Zealand. With offices in Christchurch and Wellington, we provide a wide range of services such as estimating, quantity surveying, fixed price and project management. We are experts in architectural homes and SuperHomes, as well as heritage restoration, Passive house, airtight and energy efficient homes.

ZBUILT Architecture

ZBUILT is targeting residential and commercial projects in the $.025M to $5.0M range.


We aim to give you, our customer, a building that accurately translates your vision into reality.
We do this through our own unique way of building both structures and relationships. Our ultimate goal is that once your project is complete, you will feel compelled to tell others about your experience.


We take absolute pride in the quality of our workmanship. We take no short cuts – we do it once, and we do it right. Our quality is top-class because we are passionate about building: the project you put in our hands is not just another job – we regard it as our own, we go to work on it as if it belonged to us. We treat you, your project, and your property as we ourselves would like to be treated. It goes without saying that because of this, all we do is honest and above board – nothing is hidden from you, our customer – and we make no unrealistic promises.


We strive to communicate effectively with you our customer, with all our staff, and with our trade partners so that everyone is totally involved physically, mentally and emotionally with your project. Coupled with this, we encourage innovation and excellence and reward our staff accordingly, believing this inspires us all to reach greater heights. It is essential that our staff should be happy, our work environment enjoyable, and that health and safety standards should be right up with the best.


We at ZBUILT pride ourselves on achieving more than merely building quality homes or completing outstanding projects of excellence. Our aim is to do all this in the context of creating a package of opportunities that through building relationships between our customers, us, and our suppliers and sub-contractors enriches – even transforms – people’s way of living.

“We build to enrich lives”


– Managing Director

Josh joined ZBUILT in 2012 in the role of General Manager and become Managing Director in January 2014. ZBUILT was first exposed to Josh’s business acumen and strategic project management skills in 2011 when engaged by ZBUILT as a consultant. Josh was instrumental in planning and implementing industry best practise methods across critical aspects of the business. Josh’s background is in strategic business change and project management and has experience in a wide range of commercial projects and business sectors.


– Project Manager

Che joined the team early in 2012 to manage the earthquake remediation programme of work at ZBUILT. Che brings with him years of experience in the trade industry in across Australasia. His people management and problem solving skillset is rare within the construction industry, and his client focus contributes a great deal to our exceptional customer experience goals. Aside from the remediation programme, Che is also an integral part of ZBUILT’s quality management and health and safety systems.


– Senior Project Manager

Originally from a civil engineering background, Muz contributes a great deal of technical knowledge and provides valuable maturity to the ZBUILT team. A mainstay of the business, his wealth of industry experience across the civil, commercial and construction sectors over the last 30 years provides ZBUILT with a high level of solid leadership for our junior project managers and foremen.


– Construction Supervisor

Zak’s positioning within the ZBUILT organisation structure is a large contributor to our success. Whilst a director of ZBUILT, Zak’s primary role is that of Construction Supervisor demonstrating our belief that the minimum requirement of a building and construction company is quality workmanship – every job, every time! Zak is an integral contributor in the upholding of ZBUILT’s quality management system.